Services Overview

Working in the dynamic environments that exploration campaigns demand has given us the experience and confidence to tackle even the most challenging and complex projects. We have the ability to provide individual program components or complete project solutions customized to your needs.

Driven by quality, efficiency, safety and conscientious environmental practices, our qualified personnel maximize your exploration dollars enhancing your chance of discovery.

For more detail on how we can contribute to your project choose from the following areas of expertise:

[+] Geological Services

  • Project design and budgeting
  • Permitting
  • Geologic mapping
  • Prospecting
  • Drilling programs
  • Trenching programs
  • Geochemical surveys
  • Assessment & NI 43-101 Technical Report writing
  • Reclamation

Including geochemical sampling, geologic mapping, diamond drilling and technical reporting, these are the fundamental activities that define our industry. Our geologists have a wealth of knowledge in various deposit models and exploration types. From permitting through to reclamation, TerraLogic Exploration Inc. can take your project from concept to completion.

[+] Data Management

Data Management

Our in-house team of experts uses custom systems to deliver comprehensive data and analysis so you can be confident in your project’s potential.

[+] Exploration Technology

  • Digital data collection
  • Custom GIS database solutions
  • DGPS Surveys
  • Cartography
  • Down-hole DDH surveys
  • Portable XRF Analyzers
  • 3D visualization and animations
  • Data compilation projects
  • Integrated QA/QC Procedures
  • Innovative tenure management

When integrated into an exploration program, our Geographic Information Systems (GIS) streamline the collection, storage, analysis and display of geologic data quickly and accurately.

Newly integrated into our custom GIS are portable XRF (X-Ray Florescence) units. These analytical tools can be used in geochemical surveys to rapidly identify anomalies for specific ore and pathfinder elements. Not only can anomalies be identified immediately, they can also be further delineated and assessed during the same program. XRF units can also assist in recognizing finely disseminated mineralization and unknown minerals.

[+] Project Management

Because no two projects are the same, our goal at TerraLogic is to provide customized exploration programs to meet client objectives. Customized project design encompasses our individual services, support and technologies to meet required goals, budgets, and time lines.It has been our experience that the most efficient and successful projects are the ones that are managed properly from beginning to end. Dedicated project managers ensure that exploration activities remain in line with client objectives for the duration of the program.Our exploration programs are created based on years of geological experience combined with procedures and protocols that are a result of our pursuit to conduct the most efficient work possible.